International Bass Lake Resort HOA

Message from Jim Chadek:

The 2018 election is over and I did not get another term.   I did accomplish some of my objectives but fell short on others.   I would have needed more time.

For those that supported me thank you.  For those that choose to have some new people representing you give them your support but challange them to make decisions that are for the good of the entire community and not special interests. 

As you may know, I paid for and maintained this website for numerous years.   I did this as a volunteer and to help the community.   For now, I plan on continuing.   I probably will not get updates from the office anymore but I'll try and keep information as current as possible.


Thanks for the opportunity

Jim Chadek


Garbage Pickup for Bass Lake.

Yard and recycles is on Fridays

Household waste is Mondays